In 2019, Jin Jiang launched its background support system officially, which consists of one center and three platforms, i.e. Jin Jiang Global Innovation Center (GIC), Jin Jiang WeHotel (global online hotel platform), Jin Jiang Global Purchasing Platform (GPP) and Jin Jiang Financial Shared Service Center (FSSC), achieving fully integrated development with matched resources, optimized management and coordinated business.

Jin Jiang Global Innovation
Center (GIC)

Aimed at building a sustainably profitable business mode with innovative ideas, Jin Jiang Global Innovation Center bases itself on Shanghai with a global network. By means of tracing and investigating into market trends, it promotes and innovates the R&D, enhancement and implementation of hotel business modes. The services include upgrading in-stock hotels, localized entry of overseas brands, in-depth R&D of innovative brands, innovating modular product solutions, cutting-edge hotel designs, research and application of architecture techniques, etc.

Jin Jiang Global Purchasing
Platform (GPP)

Jin Jiang Global Purchasing Platform is one of the significant innovation platforms of Jin Jiang International Group. As the only official purchase platform, it provides sole platform support for the brand standard execution. By integrating the entity resource advantages of Jin Jiang International Group, based on the supply chain service capacity, it provides multilateral matchmaking trades, and a full chain of intelligent digitized platform purchase and supply chain services from preparation to operation for over 15,000 hotels around the globe, and ensures the access to supplies for over 180 million members. Centering around such stakeholders as hotel owners, industry suppliers, hotel clients and hotel branded companies, a win-win ecosphere is created for the hotel industry development.

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Jin Jiang WeHotel

Jin Jiang WeHotel is an affiliate of Jin Jiang International which focuses on member marketing and technical services. The company is set on China while connecting the globe. Upholding the original mission of “Digital Energizing of Jin Jiang Hotels”, and the business concept of “User-first, Enterprising and People-oriented”, it relies on technical innovative services, focuses on the online direct marketing of hotels, sets a membership ecosystem and integrates various advantageous resources, to improve user experience in an all-around way while promoting its high-quality development constantly.

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Jin Jiang Financial Shared
Service Center (FSSC)

Established in 2010, Jin Jiang Financial Shared Service Center (FSSC) is based on the hotel industry and focusing on finance. As a major grip in Jin Jiang’s hotel finance coordination, FSSC pursues the values of “Client-oriented in energizing hotel operation”, and turns the challenge of digital transform into an opportunity. In 2021, it self-developed a financial middle platform successfully. On the basis of business finance integrated process management, and aimed at regulating accounting and statement standards, raising the process efficiency, reducing operation costs, creating data values, keeping risks under control, it devotes to offering professional services for headquarters and hotels affiliated to Jin Jiang Hotels, including expense reimbursement, purchase payment, receipt settlement, statement disclosure, process and financial management consultation, data management, etc.

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